TAC Capital Partners LLC (“TAC Cap”) is a family investment office based in Atlanta, Georgia.  TAC Cap focuses on change-in-control investment opportunities in the lower middle market involving sustainable, profitable businesses with transformative potential.  TAC Cap wants to partner with management teams to build great businesses through value innovation, focused strategic sequencing, and enhanced operational execution.  TAC Cap is industry agnostic, but we prefer founder-owned businesses in niche segments of growing industries, whether in light manufacturing, distribution, or service industries.  

TAC Cap believes in value creation over the long term without a singular focus on an exit, and we believe this approach better benefits all of the stakeholders, including stockholders, customers, suppliers, and employees, as well as the communities in which we do business.   

TAC Cap has 20 years of M&A and capital markets experience and, more importantly, expertise in transforming a business from the ground up, discovering the core values, articulating the mission, setting the vision, developing the strategy, and effectively executing on the most important internal business processes requiring change in human behavior.